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Are you interested to do an internship in Flensburg or to become a partner institution? We are looking forward to hearing from you. For internationals

Chamber of Skilled Crafts

Handwerkskammer Flensburg

The Handwerkskammer Flensburg (= Chamber of Craft) is a public body which acts as the representation of interests of the craft businesses, craftsmen and the craft itself in the region of Schleswig Holstein. Currently we are representing 10000 companies, 63000 employees and 6000 apprentices. We offer 55 different vocational trainings. Here some examples: 

Building, construction and Electrical technology

CarpenterBricklayerPainter Laquerer
Tile, Slab and Mosaic LayerJoinerMetal WorkerWell Sinker
Automotive Mechatronics TechnicianWelderChimney SweeperRoofer 
Installer and Heating FitterPlumber Electrics Technician Glazier
Electrical Machine EngineerScaffolderRoad Construction Worker Building cleaner 

Handicraft, health, art and food

Stone MasonBoat BuilderGold and Silversmith Interior decorator
Brewer and MaltsterButcher Hairdresser Dispensing Optician 
Hearing Aid Acoustician Dental Technician PhotographerCosmetician 


contact person

Niehoff, Celina Handwerkskammer Flensburg

Celina Niehoff
Mobilitätsberaterin im Netzwerk Berufsbildung ohne Grenzen

Tel. 0461 866-251
Fax 0461 866-451

You are a trainee, apprentice or student?

We will...

  • Support you in finding an internship in a qualified company in Flensburg and its surrounding
  • Offer you an affordable accommodation in the center of Flensburg 
  • Give you practical support during the internship and information and welcome packages
  • Offer you a participation in in-house advanced training courses

You are an Institution, school or chamber of skilled crafts?

We will...

  • Support you in finding qualified companies in Flensburg
  • Find exchange possibilities for the teaching staff 
  • Offer you an Erasmus+ partnership with a qualified Memorandum of Understanding and a Learning Agreement 

Our Guesthouse

  • Comfortable single and double rooms with en-suite bathroom
  • Self-catering kitchen
  • Linen and Towels Provided
  • Free WiFi
  • Parking spots

The guesthouse is located centrally within a short walking distance to the harbor, restaurants and shopping facilities. There is also a central bus station close to the guesthouse, with connections to city and surrounding area. Additionally to the self-catering kitchen, a canteen is close to the guesthouse. The canteen is offering lunch and dinner from Monday to Friday and breakfast from Monday to Saturday.

ServicePrice per day + per person
Double room25,00 Euro
Breakfast5,00 Euro
Lunch7,00 Euro
Dinner5,00 Euro

About Flensburg

Flensburg is a pleasant town with a charming harbour and a relaxed atmosphere. It’s the third largest city in federal state of Schleswig-Holstein and is located less than 10 kilometres from the Danish border. More than 89000 inhabitants are currently living in Flensburg. Part of the city and its surrounding is the Flensburger Förde, a 50 kilometres long inlet of the Baltic Sea, which is marking the border between Denmark and Germany. Due to its close proximity to the Baltic Sea, Flensburg is surrounded by various beautiful beaches. 

The town itself has a more than 700-year old history and is characterized by historical buildings, romantic lanes and traditional courtyards. In these courtyards visitors can find various restaurants, cafés, pubs, boutiques and ateliers.